Best MC in the rap game right now. Your music is fire. Your music has taught me a lot, and for that I thank you. Beast you've taught me many things I never knew before.

Dallas James Sewall

He's easily up there with likes of Immortal Technique, Canibus and KRS ONE. The topics he touches on are extremely relevant and is totally accurate with his vicious flows. His music is addicting and I need a fix of his music everyday. I'm so grateful to my boy who recommended me to Beast 1333.

Josh Yettou

When it comes to originality and lyrics, Beast 1333 is in a whole other category. Not to mention being backed by Tha Teacha KRS-ONE himself, and The Temple of HipHop, this artists credentials are out of question. peace

Colton Kalnins

My favorite emcee hands down, extremely intricate and intelligent with wordplay and flow.

Spazienza Frost

Es un artista humilde, inteligente . culturuiza y guia el rap apropiadamente matematico y fisico del rap..10 estrellas

Fabian Xshaved

One of the illest emcees I've ever heard, 110% original and not faking to make it

Chris Cadena

I feel like i'm the only person who appreciates this guy most people can't even fathom this kind of lyricism. Only real lyricists will be able to fullly appreciate this art work!! Amazing Beast 1333 probably the best rapper alive!

Ben Nickelson

One of the best rappers ever and certainly my favorite emcee... Hip Hop is a culture and not about bling, booty or getting paid and not about Hennessey and ho's and gangbangin either... K rino and Beast 1333 are the only rappers apart from immortal technique and vinnie paz and a few other decent rappers that I listen too only because im looking for the above rappers is all I listen too... Mainstream shit is too dark and satanic and not because its exposing it either and rappers like Eminem don't have the balls they claim they do to rap about the real shit like beast and k.